Saturday, 31 May 2014

Science Fiction Convention and the GFC are there.

"The big Second Life Science Fiction Convention began on Friday!  GFC has a huge fantastic booth this year, so come and see it!  We'll need lots of help greeting visitors.  Click Here For Landmark  or you can click any of the convention ads around the GFC sims"

Social Events has put up a GFC booth encased in a rock face. when you walk up the side stairs you'll come to a teleportation area to a choice of rooms.

A few informational consoles and landmark links to the GFC has been place so visitors can read about the group and teleport to the sims. The GFC Booth is south of the landmark given.

There will be a variety of secondlife sci-fi stores and groups covering 6 convention sims, so have a look round I'm sure there will be plenty to see.

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