Sunday, 8 December 2013

Free Xmas gifts second week

For the last week in the GFC  free gifts have been given away at the winter wonder land lodge on the grounds of sovereign.

Every day a new gift has been place under the christmas tree and will continue up until xmas day. Only so many presents will be under the tree at anyone time, each prize will be removed after a couple of days so remember to come down regularly to pick up your free goody while its still under there.

The gifts which have been given away so far are as followed.

1. Christmas hat and scarf.

2. Gestures + Wear & Run rainbow.

3. Cardy Rysta Class Freighter (ship)

4. Snow Gun (TOS style rifle)

5. Langys Skycar

6. Captain proton/Flash gordon type Robot Avatar.

Don't miss out on the goodies this week before they are gone.

If you have a secondlife account.
Teleport location: HERE

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