Monday, 1 July 2013

The Klingon's RP Experience

The Klingon's The Most Hostile Race Ever!! Killer of Tribble's and Ruler of The Galaxy. But the Question Remain's??? What Will Happen to them In The Future Well Let's Find out!!

GFC Reporter Shark Flew to The Klingon Homeworld Today AKA Kronos. To Find the Social Scene Incredible. A Entire City of This Species. It was 1 Person's Dream Coming To Life thanks to Rich Merk and Langy Moonlord. Just Above Our Soverign Station, 200 Light Year's to 80 Meter's a Full Scale Recreation of Kronos!! Yes That Right Kronos A 24/7 Klingon Zone is Under Constuct. Were As Quoted " People Can Form House's and Enact a Real Klingon Experience" Kendra One of GFC's Most OutStanding Member Created This Amazing Idea to Bring The Klingon World To You In The GFC You Can Experience Many Thing's From Space Piloting, to RPing on Distant Ship's To Living on a Station, But Now You Can Experience and Live The Life of a Klingon. From A Ever Continuing Journey Through Klingon's

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  1. Looks awesome! But I can't accept any credit. It was all Langy and Kendra.

    I think I will send Kendra a crate of tribbles as a housewarming gift... :)