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Bi-Annual Summer Ball 2013

It doesn't feel that long ago we were at the roddenberry centre in the engineering set  for the warp to the future Bi-Annual ball in January, but here we are again in the GFC's semiannual promotion and awards Ceremony.

This years theme was based around wormholes in the Past, Present and Future. Richmerk Resident and Wolfie had worked in secret on the set so it was a surprise to people when they first saw it.

When you first arrived at the roddenberry centre you were welcome to a replica of the guardian portal scene from the Star Trek Original Series episode "City on the Edge of Forever". In the portal, pictures of the GFC past were displayed. Upon clicking the portal you were teleported to the hall venue which was a room inside a swirling wormhole.

It gave a wonderfully convincing effect of being inside a rotating wormhole. Once teleported you'd find yourself on the dance floor which had a bar to the right of it. Further along where the seats and tables for members and guest to sit at to watch the proceedings and screens at either side of the rooms showed old images from GFC past in a slideshow.

The event fired off with Admiral Cobramax Mechanique welcoming people to the proceedings and we went straight into a quiz full of trek related questions which once again Sereana Westland won like last ball. Clearly, attempts to tie down her typing finger failed :)

Once the Quiz was completed and scores counted and displayed, it was time for the regular ball message by Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby & Admiral Cobramax Mechanique  to be played over the radio stream.

Use the player below to listen to that recording.


After we had heard the Bi-Annual ball message it was down to the meat and veg of the proceedings, the award and promotion ceremony. Like last event and unlike previous ones members were called up in alphabetical order in groups no more than 10 at a time.

At ease stands were laid out by the side of the podium where they would wait until it was their turn to step up and deliver their speeches of thanks.

This ball around 65 members were awarded for their activities in the group, though not all could make the event many had the pleasure of standing up and thanking those who voted for them and how they felt about being in the group. Some speeches express what the group meant to them and in some instances how it help them to get through difficult problems.

The speeches and awards were the longest part of the ceremony and once over people could stretch their legs a little by walking outside the roddenberry centre and watching the fireworks Timol had laid on for us.

With the fireworks over it was back inside to the dancefloor to boogie the rest of the night away, chat about members new ranks and awards plus looking forward to another 6 months in the fleet.

Congratulations to all those that received awards this ball and everyone who has participated in the GFC over the last 6 months...

Photos of the event can be found HERE
(To see every picture, click Highlights and select all photos under the title
Thanks to Grooveshark101 Resident for the added photos )

New Promotions

Admiral - Andromeda Quonset

Rear Admiral - Sereana Westland

Commodore - Isra Laval

Captain - Gokyu Uganjin
Captain - Jin Tao
Captain - Kaori Juliesse
Captain - MJ Mathy
Captain - Tal Dix

Commander - Debbydo Resident
Commander - Mexes Snowpaw
Commander - Michel Rosenstrauch
Commander - Pax Forwzy

Lieutenant Commander - Koreeah Resident
Lieutenant Commander - Songlord Resident
Lieutenant Commander - Hydregion Resident

Lieutenant - Jailan Resident
Lieutenant - Monkeyman8290 Firethorn
Lieutenant - rsd Congrejo
Lieutenant - Yalene Resident
Lieutenant - Zannadu Resident

Ltjg - Ai Kikuchiyo
Ltjg - Littleastro resident
Ltjg - Batista Robbiani
Ltjg - Bibliophile Resident
Ltjg - TheRabbit1971 Resident
Ltjg - Keranku Xorbun
Ltjg - Langy Moorlord
Ltjg - Myra Valerian
Ltjg - Penelopeperil Resident
Ltjg - Richmerk Resident

Award Winners

Galaxy Star
Ai Kikuchiyo, Cobramax Mechanique, Debbydo Resident,
Gimonia Horten, Jin Tao, Katrina Bixby, Koreeah Resident,
Langy Moorlord, lillian Aries, Richardjrn Weatherwax,
Richmerk Resident, Sadbrb Resident, Snapper Desade,
Sodak Xeltentat, Songlord Resident, Stones Petty,
 Timol McMillan, Wolferein Foxdale,Grooveshark101 Resident

Red Crest
TheRabbit1971 Resident, Koreeah Resident, Sodak Xeltentat

Legion of Merit
Andromeda Quonset, Angelis Bourne, BlueAgate,
Culama Foxclaw, Dave Fearguis, Debbydo Resident,
Dustin Sunflower, Farodin Rhiadra, Gimonia Horten,
Gokyu Uganjin, Hydregion Resident, Isilmeriel resident,
Isra Laval, Jailan Resident, JD Matova,
Grooveshark101 Resident, Joshua Humbridge, Nimue Davi,
Penelopeperil Resident, Razor Indigo, Rigs McCallen,
Sereana Westland, Snapper Desade, Songlord Resident, 
Zannadu Resident

Ai Kikuchiyo, Littleastro resident, Bibliophile Resident,
TheRabbit1971 Resident, Debbydo Resident, Emilie DeSantis,
Gimonia Horten, Hydregion Resident, JD Matova,
Jimmy Vehrous, Kaori Juliesse, Koreeah Resident,
 Kevin Ballard, Marystuart4 Resident, Michel Rosenstrauch,
Monkeyman8290 Firethorn, Myra Valerian,
Nathen Rexen, Pax Forwzy, Penelopeperil Resident,
Razor Indigo, Rsd Congrejo, Sereana Westland,
Snapper Desade, Sodak Xeltentat, Yalene Resident,

Alamiga Anatine, Angelis Bourne, Batista Robbiani,
Jin Tao, Grooveshark101 Resident,  Kethri Resident,
Langy Moorlord, Razor Indigo, Richardjrn Weatherwax,
Songlord Resident

Ai Kikuchiyo, Littleastro resident, Batista Robbiani,
Brittany Burt, Debbydo Resident, DJ Borgz,
Dustin Sunflower, Emilie DeSantis, Gokyu Uganjin,
Hydregion Residen, Jin Tao, Grooveshark101 Resident,
Koreeah Resident, Kethri Resident, Michel Rosenstrauch,
Monkeyman8290 Firethorn, Pax Forwzy, Penelopeperil Resident,
Richardjrn Weatherwax, Sereana Westland, Snapper Desade,
Yalene Resident


Event Organisation

Debbydo Resident
Cobramax Mechanique
Katrina Bixby
Andromeda Quonset

Richmerk Resident,
Wolferein Foxdale,
Langy Moorlord

Richardjrn Weatherwax,
Snapper Desade

JD Matova,
Snapper Desade

Asset Management/Fireworks
Timol McMillan

Audio Message
Cobramax Mechanique (voice)
Katrina Bixby (Voice)
Richardjrn Weatherwax (editing)

Hydregion Resident
Richardjrn Weatherwax

Radio Stream
Richardjrn Weatherwax,

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