Sunday, 5 August 2012

Research: Anti-Gravity Walk!

This is LT Sophie Johnson - once again - bringing you another peek at what Research have been doing over the past week. This time, we're up at Deep Space 19 in Sovereign and we'll be taking a stroll - but... this'll be no ordinary stroll.

No sir, this stroll takes place on the hull of the station itself. Using a rectangular object, Commander Richardjrn Weatherwax and myself decided to go space-walking on the hull of DS19. We enjoyed it so much, we thought we'd share our experience with you!

Of course, the experience is really something that you outta try out for yourself as just watching it is gobsmacking - actually participating in the space-walk is awestriking!

Anyway, see for yourself.
This is me, signing off! Until next time, readers!

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