Friday, 3 August 2012

Research: JCS Repair System

This is LT Sophie Johnson and I've got an inside peek for you guys!

As you already know, Commander Richardjrn Weatherwax designed and created the JCS combat system. This was originally installed on the Gryphon and has also been used in many different AAC events and in a couple of Tactical scenarios as well.

However, today with the help of your local blue alien - he has created a non-combative way to use the JCS system. Instead of blowing stuff up, it now repairs something! In the video below, you have Rich with a cube in his right hand. That cube is the repair module for the JCS Repair System and it's components. Meanwhile, you have me (the blue alien) in the background shooting the JCS object and undermining all of Rich's hard work.

Meh, who am I kidding? I couldn't do that. See below and evaluate for yourself.

See you next time!

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