Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy Birthday America!

- Happy Birthday America -
Written by Jimmy Vehrous.

Some of you may have spotted a couple of these signs plotted around the SIM the past week, that was your personal invite to Social Events Independence Day 4th of July Party, my that is quite a mouthful.

To say that it was a success is a somewhat understatement, it was a brilliant event and many many people turned up to join in with the fun. We at Social Events had worried that because it's such a massive day in America that GFC members would have more important parties to attend, we were wrong.

As you can see, we were lucky enough that both Thomas Aker and TimoL McMillan provided us with some impressive fireworks which came on display at 5pm SLT. It really was a brilliant lightshow!

Starting at 2PM SLT the party ran through until around 8PM SLT which for any GalacyFleetCommand Party is quite an impressive feat. 

A Special Thank You goes to Dave Fearguis and Snapper Desade for providing us with something to dance along to for the entire Party. Another Thank you goes to Thomas Aker who assisted me with Decorating the interior of the 5th pip for the event.

If you didn't already know there were free items available, if you have yet to pick yourselves up with a copy and still want to get one the decorations are still up, but only for a couple more days before I take them down. So pick up for free items while you still can!

Well, it was a great party and people seemed to have enjoyed themselves! I hope that if you did attend you had as much fun as I did. Thanks again to everyone who was involved, and I hope that we can all work together on more projects in future.

Jimmy Vehrous - Senior Social Events Officer.
Reporting for Debbydo for GFC News.

Happy Birthday America ! ! ! !

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