Sunday, 8 July 2012

Like last year I was just casually looking at the date, this time while working on my Researches General Meeting (GM) report when i noticed the specific a pattern 7/7/12, it looked familiar, what could it be, wait oh, hey, my rezz day, this day 6 years ago I downloaded some online virtual reality game thingumabob called Secondlife. Must have heard about it on the TV and give it a try.

Little did I know that 6 years later I would still be around. To celebrate, after the GM debbydo and Dave Fearguis decided to throw a little impromptu, worst kept secret party in quarks.

Even the linden sent me a happy rez day message and offered me a cake which i duly collected from the market and place on the bar.

Thanks to all those who came down and chilled out with us and hope you all had a good time, Until next year.

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