Sunday, 1 July 2012

Elements unite, shadows gather

At DS19, we occasionally hold impromptu RP's. One of those RPs has started to lead a life of its own. Together with the Tow-Kath group, a bunch of us have started to explore a whole new side of roleplaying. See the summary below for more information!

Summary Tow-Koth / DS19 RP
29th of June 2012

Begin Starfleet log.

Commander Edward Auxifur, in command of the USS Gamese, met up with Mr. Vehrous, Doctor Scorpio and Mr. Falworth. The Gamese was on a mission to investigate some strange anomalies. When they got to the anomaly though, they detected an alien ship getting its energy from it. It was the same configuration as they saw the last time, when Commodore McMillan was posessed by one of those powerful aliens.

These shadow-beings hailed the Gamese, and only wanted one thing: Doctor Scorpio. She, along with Mr. Vehrous and Mr. Falworth, were changing. . . evolving, as a result of the illness they had, and the Azure Water they had taken after that.

The Gamese was able to flee from that powerful ship, but not before taking quite some damage. Back on DS19, they met up with Admiral Hellershanks and Commodore McMillan, to discuss what needed to be done now.

There, it was discovered that the changes Vehrous, Scorpio and Falworth were going through, weren't just random. They were evolving into 'elements', of some sorts. Beings of light, of energy, which were the direct opposite of the shadow beings they had encountered earlier. Scorpio seemed to have control over water, Vehrous over fire, and Falworth was the 'fifth' element: the spirit. Only the elements of earth and air were missing. If those were found, then the five of them could just be powerful enough to defeat those shadow beings, also called 'the ascendants'.

As it turned out, Auxifur and McMillan had been infected with the alien disease too. Falworth probed their minds, to see if they had it within him to transform into the light beings that could control the elements. Whether it was fate, chance or coincidence, nobody knew. . . but it seemed McMillan would be able to transform into a being to control air, while Auxifur would be able to transform into one controling the element Earth. That was, if they drank from the Azure water. If they did though, there would be no turning back.

It was a difficult decision to make, but ultimately both officers drank from the Azure water. As they gradually transformed, the group split into two, going to Tow-Kath in order to get a better understanding as to what exactly these five people were transforming into.

The trip there wasn't easy, since the group led by Admiral Hellershanks encountered the enemy ship again. They wanted Doctor Scorpio again, but they didn't say why. During this encounter, Auxifur made a horrific discovery: this ship actually fed off of black holes and similar anomalies. It was unlike any ship Starfleet had ever encountered.

Ultimately, the crew managed to beam down to Tow-Kath, while the enemy ship was still stuck in a black hole. There, Vehrous, Scorpio, Falworth, Auxifur and McMillan came together, and 'connected' with each other. All of a sudden their powers grew stronger, and they managed to send out a beam of light to trap the alien ship.

After that, they went back to DS19 for the night. But to say everyone would have a good night's sleep, was an understatment. Those who were changing, wondered what exactly they were changing into... and those who were not, worried about those who were...

End log.
Starfleet Command, out.

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