Sunday, 1 July 2012

4th July Celebration - Social Events

GalaxyFleetCommand Social Events is proud to present the American Independence Day themed event this week! To celebrate the July 4th American national holiday the 5th Pip will be decorated in true American style, marking the beginning of the 237th year of American independence! So come by the 5th Pip on July 4th at around 2PM SLT and come celebrate with us!
Date: 4/07/2012
Time: 2PM SLT
Place: 5th Pip - Aeon

We hope to see you all there!

Kind Regards,
The entire Social Events Team!

The decorations have already been placed within the 5th Pip building, so feel free to go check it out before Wednesday! You may even find a few basic goodies in there!

Writen by Jimmy Vehrous for GFC News.

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