Saturday, 30 June 2012

USS Gibraltar RP: Episode 71: "Monochromatic Mayhem"

Captain McMillans Log:
Ship: USS Gibraltar
Location: Space
Colour: B&W

Now that the Gibraltar was back under the crew's control, everything seemed to be back to normal. The Gibraltar itself was on its way back to the nearest starbase to undergo a major checkup, and several officers, including Lt.Cmdr. Weatherwax and Lt.jg Johnson, went to relax on the holodeck, and enjoy themselves. It had been quite some time, after all.

But then, out of the blue, the ship suddenly didn't respond anymore. Captain McMillan and his crew did his best to find out just what was wrong, but the most they could find out, was that the ship was actually being controlled from the holodeck. It seemed the Kekken virus hadn't completely been annihilated. So now it was trying to destroy them. Again.

The crew realised that the only way to fix this situation, was to go to the holodeck, and cut the link between the holodeck's systems and the ship itself. As they entered holodeck 2, they found themselves in a black and white starship of some sorts... the ship used by Captain Proton in those holodeck adventures!~

Ensign th'Thane managed to use this ship's controls to at least stop the Gibraltar, but they weren't out of the woods just yet. The main controls were on holodeck 1, so they quickly went there... only to be faced against Weatherwax and Johnson, who seemed to be brainwashed into thinking they were servants of Doctor Chaotica!

They defended Chaotica's base with their lives, but ultimately the Gibraltar crew got the upper hand. Ensign Deianirrah found the necessary controls, and pretty soon, the link between the Gibraltar and the holodecks was broken. The crisis had finally ended...

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