Thursday, 28 June 2012

Content is king

Its fair to say from messages which have come back from those who attended the GFC Bi-Annual ball what a great success it was. What was interesting about the ball was the idea was put into action that the concept very early on was not to follow the usual conventions of slapping a set down,wearing a dress uniform, watching a movie and listening to hours of speeches.

What the social event team wanted was to produce something which was more than an a glorified slap on the back but something which encourage participation by all. Which was one reason why specially made captain proton outfits were made so people had the choice of wearing something which went with the black and white theme.

Also given away content associated with the ball like the event shirts,outfits,robot av skins and eyes all added to the participation. Even a specially made flyable ship was created for the ball, just in this one project alone there probably was more content built than most groups produce in a six month period.

When the idea is more about creating for the members they are more likely to get more out of the event.

I've seen many times events where to be part of the theme has required people to go out and pay for content to wear if they wanted to truly feel part of it. This automatically creates a two tier system of those which have the money to spend and those who don't. Its not the way the events group planned this event, its suppose to be about group participation so every member of the group should be able to feel they're not being left out.

The legacy of the summer ball 2012 i think will be that proper content made for the group and to be used by the group will now happen more freely. One of the concepts being employed in the group is to allow divisions to totally manage the creation of all content on their own whether it is building, scripting, graphic, audio, video plus media in all its guises whilst choosing the people they are happy working as been shown in this ball to be the best system which creates the most amount of content.

8 shirt designs, 6 outfits and skin,1 full av,1 ship,1 fully working gun,1 ocular pair of eyes,6 wallpaper for pc screens,mobile devices including iphone, ipad, android phone tablets.

What this ball proved more than anything else is making for the group adds to the participation of members, those who want to create can in the easiest environment. We can pretty much leave the older restricted system behind of jumping round divisions to get stuff made which was slower, didn't always get what you wanted if at all. To a much leaner, choose those you know that can do it without any fuss.

Over the next few months there's lots of ideas for more content being produced for the group in the new more open creation system, as long as that system is allowed to thrive unabated the GFC members will reap the rewards of it.

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