Wednesday, 27 June 2012

USS Cymru: Quantum Crisisy

USS Cymru: Quantum Crisisy
Intrepid Class, NCC-74319-A

After receiving orders from Starfleet Command to head to DS9, the Cymru took on board a new engine upgrade. They were given the ability to use a new experimental Federation transwarp drive. However, it didn't come without issues.

Two hours later, the drive was installed and ready to go. Knowing that Starfleet had failed several years earlier - the Captain still followed orders and proceeded with the test. Ensign th'Thane headed for the edge of the Bajoran system so that the Cymru could be given clearance to begin their tests. DS9 would do their best to keep a track of them should anything go wrong.

Minutes after entering the transwarp tunnel, the drive began to malfunction. Red Alert was automatically activated and the ship began to violently shake. Johnson gave regular readouts of the shield status to the Captain but he had no idea what to do. While Skytower looked for a way to save the ship - Johnson, Weatherwax and Vehrous all worked together to force the drive to shutdown. They called it "a short circuit".

The plan was to superheat the warpcore and vent all the heat into Engineering where the transwarp coil was active. Proceeding with the idea, the Captain sat down and Johnson made a shipwide announcement saying that things were gonna get worse and possible hot around Deck 10-12.

The shields were failing and the crew began to sweat but Rich stood strong and saw the plan succeed without any problems. Looking round, the Bridge crew had minor injuries so Johnson ordered Vehrous to take care of the wounded before seeing to the Bridge crew.

With most of the Cymru's primary systems offline and the ship heavily damaged, Vehrous managed to extrapolate the Cymru's position to the outer most edge of the Beta Quadrant. At Warp 9.98, the ship would be back in Federation held space in a minimum of seven month.

As Vehrous saw to the wounded, Johnson and Weatherwax began repairs. Ensign th'Thane sat at the Helm - starstruck by the news and the Captain sat back, letting out a huge sigh of anticipation.

CO: Captain Malic Skytower
XO: Commander Sophie Johnson
CE: Lt. Commander Richardjrn Weatherwax
Medical/Science: Lieutenant Jimmy Vehrous
Helm: Ensign Ghee th'Thane

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