Tuesday, 31 July 2012

DS19: Male Trill Takes to the Pole

You see many strange sights in the Bar at Prosperous Station located high in space over sovereign sim, but not much stranger than a buff male trill doing a turn of the dance pole. For those who witnessed it, therapy and free counseling has been offered. Though the medical advice has been that there isn't any reliable data unfortunately concerning the long term effects of onlookers synaptic pathways who witnessed the half naked trill in green shorts with cut out shamrocks on his behind shaking his galactic bootie.

If you were disturbed by this image contact:
 Galactic Decency
Phone: 1001019898121100111 102111114 10310299 110101119115.

If no one is available to take your call feel free to rant at your phone for half hour regardless.


  1. I was there and I didn't see it until now.... I think I need to put a magnet to my emitter.

  2. Nah, your thinking of when the sheep's best friend stripped off and hit the bar pole, this was later on.