Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New Teleport Agent & Temporary Attach Features Come To Secondlife

A new video from secondlife has just been released detailing two new scripting features for Teleporting Avatars and Temporary attachments. The teleport agent command makes it easier to directly teleport to a location by clicking or touching an item where temporary attachments means you can now have devices attaching objects to you without the need of having them filling up your inventory or  you can also make it so certain attachment can only be used in specific regions. Expect to see some cool GFC devices using these features very soon.

Below are 2 videos, the first is the latest from secondlife explaining the new features and the second is Richardjrn Weatherwax and Snapper Desade testing out early versions of the Teleport Agent command 2 months ago, so yeah, GFC research department way ahead of the game on that one. Hope you enjoy the videoes and I bet you can't wait for the cool devices which will be using them. They maybe here quicker than you think :)

GFC Research Team play with new features 2 months ago

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