Friday, 25 May 2012

USS Pegasus RP - Episode 4: “Investigations”

Galaxy Class Starship, NCC-78910-A
Acting CO: Commander Sophie Johnson's Log

After receiving orders from Starfleet Command, the Pegasus warped to Starbase 73 where Captain Visage had a meeting with Temporal Investigations because of the time-incident from three days ago. Leaving Commander Johnson in command, the Captain disembarked -- heading back to the Bridge, Johnson who still has the last order from the Captain fresh in her mind; steps out the turbolift.

Taking her place in the center chair, Johnson orders a course to the Cebalrai system - on the outskirts of Bajoran occupied space. From there, Ensign Auxifur created an interface with the Lintorn Array. After a few minutes of searching through space, Auxifur found a grouping of five warbirds in the Belarus system; more specifically around the third planet. After recording the power signature from the last encounter with a Stargate, he also found a fading signature from a Gate on the same planet. Johnson realized the importance of not allowing foreign technology to fall into enemy hands and told Marvoleth to set a course.

On route, Johnson had the ship prepared for battle. In anticipation that the Romulans will not give up their position, Lieutenant Humbridge programmed a possible attack pattern and potential target points to quickly disable any warbird; should it attack. On the other hand, Johnson prepared for a diplomatic resolve. She informed the crew that she will attempt to resolve the matter without a fight but should the Romulans force her hand, the ship will engage them. Johnson stepped into the Ready Room and argued with Starfleet Command. As she argued, her voice became louder and louder.

“I don’t care about the Romulan Government’s excuse. They’ve got five Warbirds in the Zone right now and we’re gonna find out why.” Johnson shouted to the Admiral on Earth. Minutes later, Rich called Johnson to the Bridge as the ship dropped from Warp. Humbridge charged the weapons and raised the shields. He was ready, as was the entire crew...but Johnson stood up and had Rich open a channel.

After ten minutes of arguing and distrust, the Romulan Commander “Rotaro” finally agreed to leave the system. With the ship maintaining Red Alert until the Romulans had left - Johnson asked Auxifur to keep a sensor lock on the Romulan attack-force. Curiously, Johnson wanted to know why the Romulans were so interested in one damaged Stargate. While the away team gathered their equipment, the Stargate disappeared from sensors.

Materialising on the planet below - Johnson had Edward scan for the faint quantum signature from the Gate in an attempt to locate the Romulan landing site. Closing in on the already-faint signature, the crew found nothing but a ‘footprint’ left by the missing Stargate in the ground from where it would have stood. Also, Edward noted that there was a Federation weapons signature but with a variation in the frequency of a standard signature. Auxifur commented that it is similar to that of the Maquis. After taking as many scans as possible and as needed, the crew returned to the ship and made a return trip to Starbase 73 to pick up the Captain.

= Crew =

Acting CO: Commander Sophie Johnson
Acting XO: Lt. Commander Richardjrn Weatherwax
CE: Lt. Commander Snapper Desade
Medical: Ensign Debbydo
Science: Ensign Edward Auxifur
Tactical: Lieutenant Joshua Humbridge
Helm: Ensign Marvoleth

RP Time: Thursdays 12pm SLT*
*secondlife time & PDT

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