Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"Pfft....screw gravity!"

Lately on YouTube, a developer called "TomSka" has created several short-length movies to keep us all amused. It includes time-travel, alien attacks and even pointless buttons - but typically; one person or hologram has to step over that imaginary line.

Richardjrn Weatherwax is a close follower of TomSka's work and calls the 'asdfmovie' series - and I quote - "EPICNESS". In TomSka's 'asdfmovie3', one character decides to do the impossible and literately "screw gravity". In SL, that's pretty hard to do but only a hologram would be crazy and insane enough to even try.
(Above is the small clip from asdfmovie3)
Rich screwing gravity in DS19.
Rich looking up at Debby from above.

Sophie taking no notice of the upside down hologram.

Jimmy Vehrous is so not impressed.
Till next time guys!