Friday, 25 May 2012

USS Cymru RP: “Struggle Bug”

Akira Class Starship, NCC-73150
Commander Sophie Johnson's Log

Captain Skytower has been ordered to Deep Space 4 after he took the ship into the DMZ without official authorization and must now face the consequences. Although this may not look good for the ship and crew, Starfleet has allowed the ship to continue its mission in the Beta Quadrant. With no Captain, Commander Johnson steps up to the plate and takes charge for the second time in her new role as XO.

After the end of the Dominion War, the Breen have become active yet again. Knowing that the Breen are indeed a threat to the Federation, Commander Johnson is ordered to the Federation-Breen border where she must join up with Task Force 49 to combat a small Breen fleet. TF49 will be lead by the Cymru and comprised of 18 other ships. The Breen will have a force of 23 ships - but she has personally been up against the odds before. Johnson has faith in her crew and the fleet’s combat efficiency.

After joining up with the Task Force and assuming command by verbally dictating the orders over a comm-link; she orders all ships to Red Alert and stand ready for battle - in case any trouble should occur. After several hours of waiting around for a possible attack (I will go into the Ready Room, the crew will chat about the mission etc, and I’ll shout a time jump), she is called from the Ready Room to the Bridge by LC Weatherwax saying the Breen have arrived.

Plonking her butt in the center chair, she orders a fleet-wide announcement and orders the fleet to get ready and standby for her mark. She then hails the lead Breen ship and activates the Universal Translator - hoping that she can get the Breen to reconsider their attack plans, she tries to manipulate the Breen into thinking that the upcoming fight would be suicidal for them. The Breen disagree and begin their assault.

In the battle, the Cymru takes heavy damage and is barely able to fight. Science and/or Helm discover that long-range sensors have detected Federation reinforcements inbound lead by the USS Crazy Horse with Admiral Nechayev as it’s commanding officer. Johnson orders that the fleet do not give up (which they don’t) and the fight continue as help is just minutes away. As the Federation reinforcements arrive and drop out of Warp, the Breen fleet is destroyed seconds later by the Cymru and Intimidator; however the Task Force which the Cymru was leading took heavy losses.
Only the Cymru and three other ships survived the assault and make their way back to Deep Space 4 for repairs.

RP Time: Tuesday 11am SLT*
*secondlife time & PDT

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