Thursday, 24 May 2012

Team Headset

Its always good to be able to offer a quick solution to a problem, such an occurrence happened recently when during a AAC event we were required to play in teams. To easily identify each team member the idea was to use coloured uniforms, the problem with that would be having to be handing out various coloured outfits to a variety of people and people having to change into them.

Well a novel solution was found, we already have the headsets which could communicate between the 4 GFC sims, debbydo thought why not add the feature and started bugging the scripter of the headsets richardjrn weatherwax with a barrage of "please, pretty please, can you make it have little coloured things over their heads, please, come on you know you want to make it".

Anything to get debbydo to stop asking him, he pottered over to the sandbox and quicker than flower Garside could pop two twins outs he had cobbled together a new team feature to the AAC headset.

The timing for this was perfect as Sunday's AAC event had the attendee's playing capture the castle. One team attacked the other defended so this was a great opportunity to try out the system. The new team feature is very easy to use, simply type for instance "redteam" in chat and a large red tag will appear over your head to identify your on red team, you can also select, blue, green and yellow the same way. Not only that, headset communications can be made directly to those team members.

This saves us from not only making extra uniforms and the requirement to change but to have an easy to use team system which can be used by anybody.

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