Wednesday, 23 May 2012

USS Judicator impromptu RP launches

The crew and Captain Garside confronted the Undine ship while patrolling a previously uncharted section of space. The Undine ship deployed technology that prevented the USS Judicator from going to warp that contained Omega Molecules. The USS Judicator effectively disabled the Undine ship and hailed them at only 50% impulse, only to find out the Undine Captain wanted the ship destroyed so that it will be known they have died a glorious death in battle rather than sending them home in defeat. The Captain agreed and sent the Undine to meet their makers in glory.

After Captain Garside says a prayer in Native Undine, the captain orders the Conn Officer to take the Judicator to 100% impulse, she taps the console, but the console emitted an electrical charge that affected her and falls off the seat motionless and the ship came to a full stop, which was probably caused by the Omega Particles from the technology that the Undine had.


Captain: Flower Garside (Hakimba Firehawk)
Conn: Kylie Shergood
Ops: Unadecal Arado
Tactical: Jeffrey Thane
XO: Debbydo Resident
Counselor: keranku Xorbun
Medical: Songlord Resident
Engineering: Richardjrn Weatherwax
Others: snapper Desade,MistressSandrah Resident,Kaleaon Resident

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