Tuesday, 15 May 2012

USS Pegasus - Episode2 "Mysterious Planet"

In last weeks episode of USS Pegasus - Our crew and ship were left limping back to Earth Space dock after saving Vulcan from being destroyed by a stray Asteroid. Instead of heading back to earth they were told to detour to Utopia Planitia Where an updated Pegasus A was awaiting them. The crew didn't have much time to familiarize themselves with the new ship before orders over subspace requested them to ship out to the corners of the Alpha Quadrant as there was intelligence of a  new planet being discovered and starfleet wanted to get someone down there ASAP.

To their surprise when they arrived in synchronous orbit there was a Romulan warbird already waiting "how long had they been their the captain muttered". When trying to hail the ship no answer was received but they seemed to be firing up something on the ship, the Pegasus crew didn't wait for any more signs and proceeded in targeting their weapon systems, knocking them offline.

The Romulans reacted by turning tail and warping out of the system. Once the area was scanned and cleared of any other device and ships they beamed down to the planet below. What they found was an ancient area with a large stargate placed at its entrance. The team looked around and made records of anything they could find but felt the stargate had to be destroyed because an unmonitored gate in the hands of the romulans wouldn't bode well for the for the allience.

The captain requested a precision strike on the stargate, destroying it before returning to the ship with the away team.

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Keranku Xorbun
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