Saturday, 30 July 2011

Keeping your Eyes peeled!

The Richardjrn poem.

It was apparent,
as her clothes became transparent.
he didn't know where to look,
for him it's all gobbledygook.
The sight was incomprehensible,
but the look on his face was indispensable.
So this photo will probably cause a blood clot,
more often than not.
But I'll give it to you today,
So it will always be on display.
Lets remember this moment in time,
So others may enjoy our rhyme!

Jimmy Vehrous for GFC News.

N.B. She actually had a bikini on, but the censored bit made you think though....


  1. when was this O.รณ i think i was doing internal calculations

  2. Nah it had a little hand being pushed onto the net with a little help from photoshop.