Monday, 2 May 2016

Whats is Solaris Space Station

What is Solaris Space Station

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Solaris Space Station is a Sci-Fi/Trek influence place in secondlife for like minded people to hang out socially or roleplay.
The space station has a variety of locations to roleplay in e.g Medical, ops, science area, hanger bays, plus social area’s for relaxing like the bar, meeting rooms, seminar room.
You can rp within the group or as an associated group which already has their own independent RP. We’ll work with these group to help publicize and if preferable be part of their overall storyline arch.
Our main goal is to have a place were people feel happy to visit, socialise, roleplay and relax, we are open to new ideas and welcoming of all types of pg/mature rated avatars
The core of the team who worked on this blog have left the GalaxyFleetCommand (GFC) and are now running Solaris Space Station to creating a enjoyable place for people to come to, which doesn't support or uphold bullying, lying, drama, copybotting and fabrication at the highest levels. The blog is left here to show what many talented people spent year to produce without a shed of respect or acknowledgement for their efforts and evidence of the work they did so others can not lie and say they never did it.