Tuesday, 20 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day Weekend 2012

"Kiss that blarmy stone",  "top of the morning to yah" and "mine will be a Guinness" were the words that rang round your ears over the this weekend as, yes, you guessed it, it was St. Patrick's Day, why he needs a day to himself I couldn't tell you because I couldn't be bothered to google it, but suffice to say he had given us a great excuse to party all weekend.

The fair haven bar, last seen during the GFC annual ball was rezzed again, as the doors opened a steady stream of trekkie revelers barged their way in, steering to the bar faster that a mouse finds cheese and ordering an assortments of beverages which had been placed there, all alcoholic I noticed with enough kick to make a donkey look lame.

To get into the party mood Harry Ketterley (Andy Ketterley) had made a wonderful green Irish Trekkie hat which was given away free by clicking one which had been surreptitiously placed there . Also a flag was added so you could drink and wave to Ireland at the same time.

There was plenty of dancing and people did get into the spirit of wearing something green, I hadn't seen so much greens since I had a veggie meal. On the side of the plate of course so it can be flicked off when nobody is looking.

The weekend event started on the Friday evening (European time) and went through to Sunday, so all time zones were covered and there was usually someone on hand pulling the pints and entertaining the crowd as the dancing went on for hours, well, technically days as someone was dancing usually every time I popped my head round the door or crashed out on the bar chair wishing the world would stop spinning.

I'm sure we would like to thank all the team who keep the party going and made Galaxy the busiest GFC sim throughout the weekend.

From me, I'll have a guinness.

Waits....Waits...Waits...How long does it take this thing to settle?

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