Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Phoenix update and Firestorms gets FUI

Everyone run round shouting and screaming we have "FUI" things will never bee the same, what did I do without FUI and it doesn't come from hong kong (you have to be kinda older or for some reason have been re-watching 70's cartoons to get that joke, you'll probably just google it anyway).

Anyhow, those of you using firestorm, FUI stands for Flexible User Interface....yeah I know after all that hype, you would have expected something a little more exciting. But wait, you think V2+ interfaces sucked harder than a lemon FUI may come to your rescue as it allows the user and  developers to make it easier to create an interface that's more suited to you and yes that included a version of the older V1 interface......Its like eating mummy's pie all over again. For a less over the top explanation, while I go and download the updates have a watch of the video the phoenix team has kindly crafted for you.

Pheonix/Firestorm article HERE

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