Friday, 16 March 2012

DS19: what's going on up there?

When someone leaves a package in brown paper wrapping with "Play Me" scribbled in handwriting a 4 year old would be proud of then there a a few things which come to mind.

1. Its not for me.
2. I wish it wasn't for me.
3.It also has "for the attention of snapper desade", so it is for me.

Anyhow, being the inquisitive guy I am,  I ripping the package open like a struck off surgeon cuts open a patient and pulled out the media device.

On inserting said media in something that could play it I sat back and watched the short clips:

First video was of some Orion girl pole dancing in ways only Orions can.

Second video shows me trying to impress an unappreciative crowd with my guitar skills. They just kept drinking as I play the strings off that guitar, they wouldn't know talent if it shot them in the head at 1000 yards in a headwind.

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