Monday, 12 March 2012

Epilogue: Unseen Enemy.

{Inside the bridge of a cloaked Romulan ship}
Captain: "Report..." 
XO: "Captain. We have scanned the facility in orbit above the planet and have managed to capture visuals of life signs within."
Captain: (Eyes thinning in a dubious grin.) "On...screeen."
XO: Aye Captain....*blip.... zweeeng*
Captain: "Can you clear the image."
Operations Officer: "This is the best I can do Captain."
Captain: (Grins) "This.... is the moment I have been waiting for...."
XO: "Captain?"
Captain: (Annoyed) "Where is the audio. I want audio. NOW!"
Operations officer:"Interference captain. Audio sensors are being jammed by copyright.."
Captain: (Banging on the arm of the Chair then makes a fist.) "Damn you FCC..."
XO: Captain. There is no more to be done here. I suggest we make our retreat before detection."
Captain: (nods slowly letting out a sigh.. )"Helm. Get us out of here....."
{Dramatic music crescendo's with a zoom in to the Captains face looking off...then into the camera as the music cuts out. }
Captain: "What are you looking at!"
{Lens breaks. Black out.} 


  1. Fabulous! great dialog, made me feel like i was on the Bridge and was expecting some surveillance video. What a surprise and what fun when i watched the video.

  2. Video analyzer "They seem to be moving in rhythmic motion, perhaps its a mating ritual of some kind or a primitive way of communicating"?

  3. LOL... Thank you for the comments. Primitive but very effective and universal no? Well. Klingons only dance when there aren't any cameras around... and I have PROOF. stay tuned lol

  4. "What are you looking at!" epic!