Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sophie Johnson Birthday Girl

Clink Click, sheeesh.....

The sound of tablets being dropped in a glass, head still thumping and why have I woken up with this traffic cone???

After a good old Rp with the Cymru Crew where we tackled a time traveler  who had mysteriously materialized on the bridge of the ship, it was back to DS19 for some well earned R&R or so we thought. Even though the hangover from St.Patrick's Day Weekend was still playing the bongo in our heads, we were informed it was Sophie's (Hydregion Resident) birthday and there was only one thing that could be done other than giving her the bumps and dropping her into sovereigns lake. You know what that was, as in GFC tradition, PARTY LIKE ITS 2375!!!!!!!

We all crowed on the cramp quarks dance floor stage where the boogying was boggling, we strived to jive and thrilled to chill. Some people danced also, but we all had a great time and importantly, so did Sophie...

It was also Dave Fearguis's Bday to....but he didn't grease enough palms with lindens to get a party but we'll mention it anyway :)

Pictures courtesy of  BlackRosePhantom  


  1. So you took my traffic cone... I've been looking for that everywhere.

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie sorry i did not make it to you party :D