Friday, 17 February 2012

Impromptu Debate

There I was in the research office with Richardjrn Weatherwax working on a project when I got a IM message from Kaleaon asking if he could have a word in the sandbox. So I made my way down there to see what he wanted to talk about, what I found was quite interesting.

He had a ship rezzed and inside there was a table with a handful of members sitting around debating about general things to do with the sim and group. The fact that  an enlisted member had got an impromptu meeting going like this is something I believe should be applauded. By the end of it no one can say that senior members of the group didn't get a chance to listen to what was being said, there were 2 Commodores, 1 Rear Admiral and a Fleet Admiral there and some interesting ideas were brought up in the discussion.

Hopefully we did assist in answering some of the questions and helping to put people in the right direction, other questions made take a bit more time to work out, but does prove that people can get around a table and pass ideas, concerns and solutions generally in a peaceful manner and it felt more of a conversation where members where at the same level when it came to the direction of the conversation, if anything the senior officers were more or less answering questions based on experience in the group and giving reasons why something may or may not work due to that experience.

I felt this  made for a better debate and maybe something which could be looked at, where a debate, discussion, whatever you may want to call it is based on what non senior members see and feel and working towards how to improve their experience.

Like in any organisation, keeping people happy and busy is always the key and the first way of doing that is always to listen and if possible facilitate. If something is possible then as Picard would say "let's make it so".

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