Sunday, 13 November 2011

General Meeting in the Sand?

Nothing is beyond Admiral Cobramax Mechanique!

The strangest sight! I swear that I saw a congregation of Galaxy Fleet crew members having a meeting in Aeon sandbox today. Was it just coincidence that this event coincided with the Aeon 5 Year anniversary celebrations or was this a deliberate attempt at creating a sentimental atmosphere.

Well, you heard it here first folks! Admiral Cobramax Mechanique did indeed have the General Meeting in the corner of Aeon Sandbox today! If you find it difficult to comprhend the meaning of this then allow me to explain. Being the meeting that brings the members of Galaxy Fleet Command together at a community event it only seems fitting that after 5 years it should take place at the exact location of the 'Party'. 

Of course there have been many other 'differences' in Aeon these past few days including the MRU (Mobile Research Unit) that has been open to all smack bang in the centre of the Sandbox. Usually it's floating some 3000 ft in the air but for the weekend, research have grounded they're creation and have created an exhibition out of it.

The General Meeting was very much like the usual meeting with the exception of the snazzy Admiral's Desk and comfy seats. I was nearly about to suggest we all sit on the sand because it would have been much more civilised than the contraption we ended up perching ourselves on.

Well, nothing explains Galaxy Fleet Command better than this story eh?

Expect the Unexpected!

Written by Jimmy Vehrous
Pictures by snapper Desade

Sandbox Meeting Pictures

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