Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What's in store?

Upcoming GalaxyFleetCommand Novel.
Written By Jimmy Vehrous

Jimmy Vehrous

A strong man who has grown up in the thick of war, a war that had left him orphaned. He was recruited into the militia at the age of eleven and had to fight for himself from that point forward. Jimmy is extremely protective and will do anything to protect his friends, even if it land him in trouble. A long history is behind his recruitment into GalaxyFleet but suffice to say that decision would change his life forever.

Snapper Desade

Orphaned only recently his heart is still raw. After being part of a Cargo ship crew for several years he was not fond of outsiders. When they meet an unknown alien he was all too suspicious. A battle ensued and the Cargo ship was destroyed will all hand on board - apart from one. He joins GalaxyFleet out of desperation but what he finds there changes his whole mindset. A lady steals his heart and leads him on a new journey.


Her mother died while giving birth to her on a remote outpost, her father raised her. Her and her father share a unique bond, one that cannot be broken easily. He is only too pleased when she announced to him that she'd be joining GalaxyFleet. A Man enters her life and then everything changes.

Galaxy Fleet

dark days lie ahead for GalaxyFleetCommand. 3 new recruits will be thrown into danger eventually leading to the discovery of an amazing yet brutal fact. Will they be able to save the fleet from impending Borg destruction????

Find out - in the Tri-Galaxy Chronicles.
Comming Soon to GalaxyFleetComamnd.
Jimmy Vehrous.

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