Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lost In Space Challenge

Cue -  spooky 'Twilight Zone music" do do do do, do do do do.....
Cue - spooky voice...'Welcome one and all.....What you are about to see may enhance your entertainment factor, confuse your senses and give you a feeling of euphoria.... you have been warned!'

Oops, left the tv on, sorry about that.
Well, it was a great day for a challenge and not one to miss out  on creating and enjoying fun, I set out to the Aeon sandbox. I found a few willing victims...errr...I mean volunteers and we all set off, 300m up to the Lost In Space challenge. The idea from Starr Jetaime, (thank you Starr) was a maze challenge. Zannadu resident ( thank you Zann) threw herself into building not just a maze, but a rather confusing one at that. With the walls, floor and ceiling all textured in stars it was kinda trippy in there. But I knew GFC members were up to the challenge. So armed with only mouselook and their sense of adventure, we led 8 people to the door of the maze and sent them all in together. ' First one out the exit is the winner'  we yelled, as we nailed the entrance door shut..... Really, there was an exit, trust me...giggles.

And it was with a big smile, that Kal Aie stepped through the exit first. Well done Kal !! When asked what he thought about he challenge, here is what he has to say......

' I thought it was a good challenge, you can rely only on your sense of direction with mouselook and the walls with that texture, specially with the narrow passages, it is well planned.'

And a big thank you to all the other participants, listed in no particular order...

Thomas Aker
Debbydo Resident
Emilie DeSantis
partybabeliz Resident
Kaori Juliesse
Richardjrn Weatherwax
MJ Mathy

A special thank you to tresyllione.snowpaw, who made the mouselook radar that was used in this challenge, thank you so much Tresy!

Now I know you are all wondering what the next challenge will be....I am happy to report that while I have another idea of my own, I have also had another wonderful suggestion, made by Richardjrn Weatherwax, thank you Rich! The details need to be hammered out, but lets just say its gonna be Wet 'n' Wild...thats all I'm going to say for now, but I will keep you posted here, so keep coming back for the updates.

Rememeber, we cant do these challenges or the GFC Book of Records without your help and support, so please voulunteer to participate, send in ideas and keep the laughs coming.... Until next time... Toodles!!

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