Thursday, 6 October 2011

Post GM Hammer CCTV Pictures Leaked

Have you ever thought what happens at the end of the weekly general meeting (GM)? Maybe members get together and have hot debates about the weekly workings of each others divisions. Maybe they hatch new master plans of how to increase the efficiency of the group or find new creative ways to RP.

Today poor quality Security footage some how leaked out.....Or in layman's terms, someone nicked the tape and posted the photos on the internet. The pictures in question gave the impression that after the GM people take large hammer like objects and start striking each other violently over the head with them.


Approach with caution and firearms if necessary 
We could surmise the fore mentioned striking with a blunt instrument could be used to knock some well earned sense into these people but the fact they repeated the process in a repetitive manner either meant.

1. Knocking sense into them wasn't working.

2. Knocking sense into them was a very slow process which had to be repeated...many times.

3. They derived strange pleasure knocking 7 bells out of each other.

We are expecting at the end of next weeks GM meeting that they'll be playing conkers with nuclear isotopes.

Better qualify footage was found later when they turn the grain down and the colour back up and you can have a look at them HERE


  1. Oh noes, who could these scoundrels be? Luckily... I mean, unfortunately, the quality of the photos isn't too good... There's no way we could *ever* find out who did this...

    *bites fingernails nervously*

  2. Only one thing can be said here.

    Stop. Hammertime.

  3. My word of advice, Ringtail wielding dual hammers=RUN