Thursday, 6 October 2011

USS Thunderstorm meets the borg

GFC's newest rp warped back into action this week with the crew of the USS Thunderstorm, continuing their search for answers. Have the romulans been cloning the borg? This week they may have got closer to answering that question as they encountered a functional but powered down borg cube.

Other than some minor resistance and Lillian Aries's phaser being adapted to the borg frequency quicker than she could fire it. The crew were able to get encrypted data from the ships mainframe and take it back to the Thunderstorm for analysis.

The Captain Thunderstorm was alarmed to find the encrypted data suggested the borg were aware of the cloning process all along, to quote Lewis Carroll "Curiouser and curiouser!".

If you want to find out how much more curiouser this RP can get then pop down and come along.

Monday 5.30pm SLT 
Contact: Dustin Sunflower or Kal Aie for info

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