Monday, 24 October 2011

Tri-Galaxy Chronicles - Character Biography - Snapper Desade

Snapper Desade

Nobody ever believed that snapper would amount to anything more than a cargo rat, surprise was that he would become part of an elite group who would save the universe. His life before GalaxyFleet was nothing more than a worthless thief and scavenger, working aboard his parents Cargo ship which to be honest was more like a debris field than an actual starship. Snapper wasn’t very adventurous and didn’t like outsiders, he was rather content in his own little world sleeping on metal floors and constantly smelling of gone off food. He hadn’t even seen an alien until the day where the Cargo ship stumbled across a unknown vessel drifting in space.

What possessed his parents to investigate is anyone guess, they normally steer clear of alien vessels; probably because their work is usually illegal.  Snapper was busy in his quarters - or rather what they called quarters because they are nothing like what we would relate to - studying the metabolic rate of a Grimweir slug; researching for a hobby. That was the moment where his simple meaningless life fell apart and everything changed! The alien vessel that had been drifting in space suddenly powered up and began an all out assault upon the Cargo ship, with shields and weapons offline they were sitting ducks.

Snapper legged it, not stopping for anyone. Some might say his actions were slightly cowardly but others understand that he was just a child seeking refuge. He snuck into one of the old unused escape pods that were created when the ship was used for trafficking Orions into federation space. The ship lunged and Snapper was sent flying into a small concealed control panel which burst into life after the violent nudge.

Apparently according to his personal files, Snapper had accidentally triggered the release mechanism which in turn saved his life due to the fact that his ship, with all hands on board, had been destroyed in the malicious attack. He had been knocked unconscious from the blast his last memories of the event were waking up aboard an unfamiliar ship ….

This is just a sneak preview into the Tri-Galaxy Chronicles coming soon to GFC!
Please note that the text above is not copied from the story. It has been written specifically for this Blog post. Keep your eyes peeled for more Character Biography's coming to you this week!

Please leave a comment below on your views and/or if you'd like to be featured in the story.

Written by the one and only: Jimmy Vehrous!

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  1. Great story jimbob, cant wait till the man himself sees it.

  2. Yay, I survived, looking forward to the chronicles.

  3. Oh, very interesting! I wonder what exactly these tri-galaxy chronicals are... looking forward to them! :D