Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Did you know... Sovereign Sim

The last edition in the series of 'did you know...' articles is about the youngest addition to the GFC sims... Sovereign. It's different from all the other sims, since it doesn't have any kind of buildings or offices on it. Except the tactical arena, of course.

So what can be found in Sovereign? Well, a lot! For example, did you know...

... that you can sit, stand or lay just about everywhere?

On a bench, with lights that go on and off!

Against a pole... no, not that kind of pole.

In a tent...

On a picnic rug

In a boat... which doesn't go anywhere, sadly.

 ... that there's an open fire in a grassy area? Way too dangerous!

Someone call the GFC Fire Brigade!

... that there's a pack of ice skates on the pier, but there's no ice!

Ice skates... near water... well, someone's prepared already!

... that in the sky of Sovereign, the USS Galant set looks... uhm... incomplete?

Some things, like doors, or Engineering, are missing!

... that the Klingon Bird of Prey is actually from the Mirror Universe? (and, coincidentally, what does 'Qangon' mean anyway? It's not in the Klingon Dictionary that I have, and believe me, I checked! :P)

See the distinctive Klingon/Cardassian mirror universe logo!

... that the Defiant is a very comfortable place to sit on?

And the view is nice too!

... that there's birds everywhere!

The nearly extinct Cobrus Bixbus...

This bird was just mocking me!

... that the island in the middle of the Sovereign lake is floating, *and* that it is made from the latest phase cloak technology?


Phase cloak! Without the cloak!
Of course, there's a lot more to know about Sovereign... we have barely touched DS19. Or the RP sets in the other sims, for that matter. But that's for another time...


  1. How is it I miss much of this stuff, just don't notice half the things in front of your nose.

  2. I have noticed some, another great article Rob

  3. yeah as usual you get mocked by a bird =P