Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ten Thousand!

It's hard to believe isn't it?

I know Richard briefly mentioned this staggering achievement but I thought that I would also write a post about it!

I can remember when the team consisted of snapper Desade, Debbydo and me. It wasn't much back then but we still enjoyed ourselves trying to bring you the most up-to-date stories! And now look at us:

This, in my opinion, is one of the best example of a team effort available in GalaxyFleetCommand! We have come together from different parts of the world and created an amazing resource for our members. It was no small task when Debbydo set out on creating a newsletter .... look what it has become.

Did you know that the blog has only been in existence for 6 months? All of this have been achieved in 6 months! Incredible.

We have had RoBobby's Did you Know Posts which have been a massive hit!

There was Rich's progressive story which was a brilliant idea:

Snapper has been informing you about the RolePlays on offer in GFC:

Gokyu has still be updating you on upcoming AAC events:

Six of Nine has been telling you about the Book of Records:

There are so many different stories on offer for you on the Blog, so many memories. This Blog has been a huge success, one that many didn't believe would be so.

I am sure that someone else will comment on the huge pageview figures that we are achieving today so I won't keep you any longer.

Congratulation to all involved and Thank You!
Thank You to the reader, without you this isn't possible!

Written by Jimmy Vehrous.

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