Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Missing Expresso Machine

Greetings all

G-Man Here

I am sorry to have to report to you, that a terrible terrible tragedy took place here in GFC last evening. THE BORG, you know those pasty white guys, with the metal parts stuck all over them. Well "somehow" in the wee hours of the morning, they snuck past all of GFC's security measures and managed to STEAL the Fleet Admirals PRIZED Expresso Machine! Oh the Horror! 

FADM's Desk with Expresso Machine   

FADM's Desk after the BORG Visit!

But all is not LOST! The Valiant men and women of the AAC's (Academy Air Corps), APTT, (Assault Parachute Tactical Team) are on the Case. Shortly after the theft, the USS Paris began tracking the Warp Conduit that THE BORG used in their escape. And I am happy to announce we have found where they have taken the Admiral's Prized Expresso Machine. Even as we speak, the USS Paris is in a high orbit above the planet. The APTT is preparing themselves for a HALO, (High Altitude Low Opening) Parachute jump from Orbit.

Orbital Picture #1

Orbital Picture #2

The team will drop onto the building where the Expresso Machine is being held Captive, neutralize any enemy activity, and bring home the Fleet Admirals Beloved Expresso Machine.

The APTT's mission briefing will begin this evening (Wednesday) at 6pm aboard the USS Paris. Anyone wishing to come and help us defeat THE BORG, and take back the Admiral's Expression machine is invited to attend.

*Stands at attention and Salutes* "We WILL NOT FAIL YOU FLEET ADMIRAL. Your Expresso machine will be back in it's rightful place by morning!!

Ltjg Gokyu Ugajin
APTT Team Leader

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