Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bajoran Ships

Stardate 2011.1019 A special Bajoran diplomatic delegation arrived on Prospero Station DS19. The lead diplomat approached the Station Commander with a special gift that was unexpected.

In return for maintaining a Bajoran temple and for keeping a Bajoran presence in the forefront on the remote GFC station the delegation presented the Commander with three Bajoran ships.

The Three ships are:
A Bajoran Interceptor fighter ship, instrumental in the resistance effort against the Cardassians.
A Bajoran Raider, the Bajoran version of a Starfleet shuttle, capable of transporting a pilot and three passengers.
A most prized and highly unexpected gift, a full scale operational Bajoran Solar Wind Sail Vessel. This vessel that made the voyage from Bajor to Cardassia centuries before the development of warp drive in that area of the galaxy. This ship has oversized wings used to capture and use the solar wind to propel the vessel and as a result of this propulsion method, there is no engine and no noise as the vessel is propelled thru space.

My hopes are that pilots will enjoy flying these ships not only for the fun of flying but also in various role play situations. Hopefully having Bajoran ships available will bring role players to DS19 who enjoy the roles of Bajorans not in starfleet.... perhaps Bajoran militia, Bajoran merchants, mercenaries or explorers.

As a member of the GFC Research & Development Division I am pleased that my creativity is encouraged by the Division Head, Snapper Desade and the encouragement of my fellow R&D associates.

Report entered by
Starr Jetaime
Master Chief Petty Offcer
R&D Division
AAC Sigma Squad Wing Leader

There is one specific limitation with the Bajoran Interceptor and i wish to make it known so everyone is aware and are not surprised after obtaining the ship. The Interceptor has a wide wingspan of 10.54m that also extends below the ships body with a total body/wing height of 4.63m and a length of 8.72m. This makes it almost impossible to fly the Interceptor thru most flight training courses with non phantom gates.

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  1. I've had the pleasure of piloting these ships. They really fly well and sim crossing is a breeze so hopefully we'll see them in the hands of members soon.