Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Races Found?

Incoming Log Transmission From Sophie Johnson (hydregion Resident) Being Rerouted Through ERH Channels


On October 13, 2011 in the Aeon Sandbox...

*thinks back*

I remember talking to a blue woman. Her name being Liara (Janel Doune); she was tall, had a pointed head and wore a black catsuit...quite revealing if I must say, the kind of clothing an alien like her should wear! Now, I'm pretty sure I've seen that somewhere before.

Oh yes! I've seen it in Mass Effect. Mass Effect refers to these blue pointed headed aliens as "Sexy, beautiful, intelligent and powerful". It also gives their race, the Asari. The Asari are known for their biotic powers, their superior intelligence and their extreme life spans; reaching all the way to 1000 years.

Well, GFC is now home to the latest addition of the Sci-Fi universe. The Asari.

To be quite honest, I wouldn't mess with them. Asari come in all different shapes and sizes. Including professions. Such as Commando's, Medical practioners, Scientists and even Engineers. Asari are also known to have a right attitude problem if they don't like something.



  1. "You know what pisses me off? Calling this the cockpit. Alliance ships have bridges. Asari have cockpits. Oh wait. No they don't."