Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Treasure Hunt challenge

8 small boxes
8 sculpty letters
unlimited challengers
1 special word...........

The Treasure Hunt challenge , the most popular challenge to date.. was a HUGE success.
On tuesday, 11the Oct, Straitsilver.lekvoda ( silver ) and I set about hiding 8 small boxes around the area 51 away set. Each box contained a hidden letter. When all 8 boxes are found, you need to rearrange the letters into our special word. Now the only hint we give you about the word is that it is Star Trek related.
Seems easy right?? We did have a few people comment that the boxes were well hidden...(we cant make it too easy lol ) and we had so much fun watching everyone racing around trying to find all the letters first.

 After a very strong lead and way out in  front, Kal Aie struggled to find the last remaining boxes. Richard Weatherwax and Kaori Juliesse joined in the challenge.
With only 1 box left to find, Kaori raced around the buildings, while Richard, beaming happily,     announced he had all the boxes. But he still had to work out what the special word is....

As minutes ticked away and knowing the Kaori and Kal were breathing down his neck, a panicked Richard unpacked the boxes and moved the letters  around at lightning speed to unravel the word.

Triumphantly, Richard yelled..."I have it, the word is Cochrane!" Well done Richard!! A well deserved win.

Information gathered from this site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zefram_Cochrane
(Cochrane was born in 2030 (or 2013, according to the First Contact novelization). He constructed humanity's first warp-capable vessel, the Phoenix, in Bozeman, Montana, out of an old Titan II nuclear missile. On April 5, 2063, Cochrane made Earth's first warp flight, playing Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" during blast-off. The Phoenix's warp flight is detected by a Vulcan survey ship, the T'Plana Hath, which then makes peaceful first contact with humans, including Cochrane, at the Phoenix's launch site.

Many special thanks goes to  straitsilver lekvoda, for  her help and planning of this challenge, thank you so much silver! And to Zannadu Resident ( seven of nine) for allowing us to use her area 51 base on her sim, thank you Zann. And thanks to all who participated, we cant do these challenges without you!!

So for our next challenge, we have something really special and exciting planned. In the weapons sandbox at Aeon. Its a firing range challenge, and you must use the weapons provided to make it fair to all. You will be competing  for the highest score, but during the competition you will be firing against another opponent in a pairs situation. The pairs will be randomly selected. The firing range will be open before the competition to allow everyone a chance to play a round, get the feel of the weapons. This will be a challenge you dont want to miss!! Support GFC by participating and volunteering in our GFC  Book of Records events, a project sponsored and maintained by the GFC Library. Its your Library, your GFC...a quote from 'Uncle Sam'...GFC needs you!!

Another great day at GFC, because we have such great people.... :)

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