Friday, 14 October 2011

One Year Today Dustin

We all like a landmark and Dustin Thunderstorm (Dustin Sunflower) reached a significant one today as he celebrated 1 year in Second Life and for his rezz day a surprise party was thrown on top of the MRU over the sandbox. The Party was later transferred to sovereign sim against the backdrop of the lake and pine trees. GFC friends and members gathered to wish him a happy rezz day and party the day away. The FADM Katrina Bixby laid a cake and party decorations to help the proceedings along. In a few weeks time we'll be celebrating his first year as a member of the GFC,

In the time he has been here he's ran is own rp, was an XO of another, is assistant lead of tactical, can be found regularly helping out security and testing new products for research. He was awarded a medal at the last Bi-Annual for his work for the group and in his short time here has already established himself as one of the most recognized members in the fleet.

So, happy Rezz Day Dustin and we look forward to another year of you in second life.

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  1. woooo DJed for 7 hours and 25 mins for that, so all/most time zones could take part