Sunday, 2 October 2011

GFC Book of Records

Yep, It's me again, Six of Nine, and just when you thought it was safe to read blogs again ..here she is ...giggles.

Ok, I have some good news to share. I have been put in charge of the Library's new project, GFC Book of Records. A concept dreamt up by the Library staff and handed to me cause they thought it would be fun, fun, fun....Thank you all for your faith and confidence in me. I'm just the gal for the job!
Now of course, I really cant do it without your help out there, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or can volunteer I really want to hear from you. Shoot me an IM inworld.
I have a few ideas I want to start with and for that I do need voluunteers.
I need 5 male and 5 female drivers for a race challenge. Yes, I can see you getting all excited and wanting to volunteer..yay!!
I also need quite a few people to participate in the hula hoop challenge. For those interested in the hula hoop challenge, IM  your best days and times available and I will try and work it out for all of you. I promise it will be fun and it could be your name that is immortalized forever in the GFC Book of records. Something to tell the grandkids about in your old age hey?

Remember, this is your way of contributing to the GFC commmunity and having some fun, meeting new members at the same time. IM me, Six of Nine (Yalene Resident ) and I will be posting more blogs to ask for volunteers for more challenges coming up, so keep a look out for those as well.

Have a lovely day all......hugs

p.s....I still have a number of animals from the 'seek out new life' exhibition that need homes, please Im me if you want any.

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