Saturday, 1 October 2011

Coming Soon!

"This is Admiral Cobramax Mechanique for the Last time"
"The Borg have arrived at GalaxyFleetCommand"
"There isn't anything we can do to stop them!"
"Plans have been made but thwarted by the Borg"
"They are making an orbital attack, destroyed our defences"
"We must remain strong, vigilant, Starfleet Officers"
"The Borg are commencing a vile incursion of this Galaxy"
"Like a disease they will spread out"
"We need to stop them!"
"A small team have ventured out to the unknown"
"Using an experimental device, they will travel time"
"I have faith that they will be able to stop this from ever happening"
"My salute goes out to these people"
"Peace to those who have fallen, and a quick death to those who still fight"
"I Praise you all, and it was an honour to serve along side you"
"Admiral Cobramax Mechanique"
(Please note, this is fiction and wasn't a statement from Admiral Mechanique)

A Story, A Tale, A Fable, A Legend.
Written by Jimmy Vehrous
Available to you all.
RolePlay the story.
All coming soon!
Watch this space!

Jimmy Vehrous


  1. Looking forward to it, what many people may not know is that this kind of story has been in the planning stage for sometime.

  2. Oh it's been floating around in my *amazing* brain for sometime now. It will be good to finally get it out in the open.

    I want to write the story first ...

    Then maybe allow the people of GFC to roleplay that story. For example you'd find an unused holo-programme that plays out the story. Of course I would like to utilize the "away mission set" project as much as possible to make a really enjoyable experience.