Sunday, 2 October 2011

OTS Final Class

Yes, it's back. Well, it's been back a while, but today was the first real OTS Final Class since it was discarded a long time ago. In short, the OTS Final Class is the last class Officer Training School cadets have to take, in order to apply for graduation. And it's not your standard class either: there's no pre-written notecard for instructors to copy/paste, no hour of just listening and asking or answering questions for the cadets... no written test at the end.

No, the OTS Final Class can best be described as GFC's version of the Kobyashi Maru, even though you *can* win in the Final Class. It's a test to see how much the Cadets have learned after taking all the other OTS classes. To actually let them experience what it's like to be in command. Because theory is one thing, but being able to put that theory in practice, is quite different.

Every Final Class is different. A different situation, different people, different decisions needing to be made. But one thing always remains the same: the cadets are in charge, and need to bring the situation to a good end. Or well, as good as possible. Examples of previous Final Classes are a giant Jenga tower falling down in the sandbox, causing cadets to rescue those trapped... a shuttle spiralling out of control that needs to be halted, or even a visitor needing to be shown around the sims.

Today's Final Class was for Cadets Six of Nine and Seven of Nine. Both ex-Borg, both eager to show what they were capable of. They were given an an assignment that was easy for them: building a model of the sandbox, and show how it could be more Trek-like.

They immediately started, and were making good progress... until all of a sudden, two shady characters appeared and kidnapped their instructor! It was up to the two surprised Cadets to assemble a small team to rescue him!

That didn't go all that well. Long story short, they came in, guns blazing, which caused the two bad guys to shoot their hostage! A firefight ensued, which stunned or killed both villains. It didn't matter though. Captain RoBobby McMillan was dead. Not even modified nanoprobes could revive him.

But this was just part of the OTS Final Class. With the surprise-RP part over, the Cadets went to the classroom, only to be joined later by me. Thankfully, it was just RP... phew. Still, the Cadets had experienced feelings and situations that would happen during non-RP situations too.

In the debriefing, both Cadets showed a keen insight in what had happened, what had gone right and what should have gone better. They understood what this class was all about, and what being a lead was all about. This class taught them valuable lessons to use in future situations... not just roleplay situations. This understanding was what mattered, not the outcome of the RP. So, both Six of Nine and Seven of Nine passed this OTS Final Class.

Congratulations to both of them! Now it's off to graduation, so that they take their rightful place amongst the officers of GFC!

As for the rest of you Cadets... there'll be a new, different, OTS Final Class next friday, 10.30 AM SLT. Hope to see you then!

(And thanks to Debbydo, Richardjrn, MJ and Dave for helping out! :D)

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