Friday, 2 September 2011

Engineering to the Sandbox ....

Well all know the story too well ... technology is our friend, until it decides to develop a mind of it's own! Even in this century we have the problem. I believe Chief Engineer Scott of the USS Enterprise said "The more you complicate the thing, the easier it is to stuff up the plumbing" (or words to that effect). So answers on a postcard please .... who stuffed up the transporter system?

There we were minding our own business, when in a freak transporter mishap, our very own Captain Snapper Desade was molecularly bonded with a visitor to the sandbox. Oh my what a rather unfortunate turn of events ... Snapper's beloved Ensign Debbydo could only watch in horror as two become one right in front of our eyes.

But do not fear, after a reverse of the transport cycle and a little reconfiguration of the pattern buffer and matter stream all was put right again! .... Phew that as a close one!

Remind you of a Spice Girls song? .... Two become one

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