Saturday, 3 September 2011

More Away Team Pictures Released

With Mondays Gibraltar RP moving closer and the premiere of the new "Away Team Set" just a few days away  more pictures highlighting the sets have be been released, stolen or put on here in the most blatant and cheapest way of courting publicity I've seen since the last episode of Big Brother.

The two sets of pictures show some of the location that have been worked on so far,

The Borg set picture depicts some of the team talking about various aspects of the design, large movable objects and and bright use of flowing textures are one of the sets most appealing features. Also the eerily  sky has to be seen to be believed which gives you a foreboding feeling in the gut of your stomach when you witness it.

Set 2 on the other hand is a far more welcoming set, placed on turrets sticking out of the water holding up what appears to be a starbase containing many floors. There seems to be a medical like centre with moody lighting and in another room an object poking out of a pool like structure, what can that be, what's it for and what can it do?

To find out more you'll need to join the RP's which will be using these sets in the future.

Get your first taste of them on Monday 11am SLT Gibraltar RP.

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  1. Wow... looks great! I can't wait until monday's Gibraltar RP! :)