Sunday, 4 September 2011

Did you know... Galaxy sim

There are a lot of things in GFC that would surprise you. They surprised me, so I decided to make a series of blog posts about things you probably didn't know about the GFC sims... starting today with... Galaxy Sim!

For instance... did you know...

... that the Enterprise at the HQ building causes you to do some crazy acrobatics?

you spin me round and round...
 ... that you can walk on the beams of light shining at the HQ building?

walking on light...

... that you have a wonderful view from the huge monument!

Nice view!
... that there's a turtle in the fishing pool? I call him Crush.

... that there's not one, but two litterboxes for cats in front of the Academy? Zhaan must really love cats!

Did a cat just visit here?

 ... that there's a door that leads to nothing next to the CDO office? I tried it, it doesn't even lead to another dimension... hmm, as far as I know, that is.

door to... nothing?
... that Infinity Station (yes, it's still there!) has a transporterplatform with a huge tag on it? Man, that's got to hurt when transporting over!


I'm sure there are more wonderful and surprising things to find in the Galaxy sim... so who knows, I might follow up on this one! Feel free to add your own surprises in Galaxy, in the comments! Next time, I'll take a look at all the surprises in Aeon! Heh, I can't wait!


  1. Shows how much i take notice, those things totally passed me by :)

  2. i need a "I <3 Crush" t-shirt now

  3. lol I am going to look now giggles

  4. lol good job Robobby. Excellent work! I think I will try and look for some to :)

  5. Great observations, Did you know theres no furniture in the admirals office (top floor of HQ) Due to Star Fleet prim budget? Or maybe because Admiral Cobramax and Fleet Admiral Bixby share the office and each has the furniture and fixtures in rezzers? There are many interesting sights in GFC.

  6. Its amazing what you can find, someone found one of my early test tp device, it had been up there in the sky for 4 years :o