Tuesday, 6 September 2011

GFC Series Teaser

In a week of sneak peaks we have one more that i'm sure you've been dying to hear about. Back in May a
co-production between the GFC and Ishelwood Studios™/VWN1™ from www.virtualworldnetwork.tv announced they were starting production on a new internet tv series.

Group notices were sent out, posters created and we even had a blog post regarding it which you can link to HERE. Some may even remember a video done by the production company for the GFC prior to that announcement, which was a beautifully crafted promotional video for the group, great story, with lots of action and music which required your speakers to be played at full blast to fully appreciate it. If you didn't get a knock on the door from the noise abatement society  you just weren't playing it right.

"Waiting for you at GFC" - GalaxyFleetCommand Promo Video

Today they posted a little teaser for our enjoyment and if your like me I'm sure now you really can't wait to see what the finished product is going to look like. News is that they are still looking for some voice actors so drop Aaron Ishelwood a message if your up to starring in Treks latest adventure.This could be the next best thing to having a new Star Trek series.

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