Tuesday, 31 May 2011

GFC tv show in production.

This week a poster site appeared in the sandbox and a message was posted in command group for member who wanted to take part in a virtual tv show featuring the GFC. The production company was the same team that made the exceptional "Waiting for you at GFC - GalaxyFleetCommand Promo Video". The poster notice read:

Thank you for your interest GFC Star Trek: Nightfire,
a production of VWN1™ www.virtualworldnetwork.tv in co-production with GalaxyFleetCommand.

We are currently actively casting for several roles in the TV Series.
For more information or to get a copy of the script, email:

Next Casting Sessions are scheduled on:
• Monday May 30th at 13:00 PM SLT (Mainly for European People, but anyone is welcome)
• Tuesday May 31st at 6:00 PM SLT (Mainly for US People, but anyone is welcome)
• Wednesday June 1st at 08:00 AM SLT
• Thursday June 2nd at 07:00 PM SLT (Mainly for US People, but anyone is welcome)

The object of these casting sessions is to determine the following:
• Voice quality of the voice-actors setup (how good is your microphone – USB recommended)
• Best suited role for each voice-actor
• To determine to what extend (voice-)actor classes are required

All casting sessions will be held at Virtual World Network Studios in SL:

NOTE: Every single possible actor with an interest to do one of the roles mentioned in the script is to send an email to casting@virtualworldnetwork.tv (alias of contact@virtualworldnetwork.tv)
In this email they must clearly mention –
which part they wish to audition for (can be up to 4 per voice)
which of the 4 casting sessions they will be attending

NOTE: subject should be GFC Casting

Do not hesitate to get in touch at the above listed email address in case of further questions.

Kind Regards,


Aaron Ishelwood
Ishelwood Studios™/VWN1™ CEO


"Star Trek® and all associated marks and characters are registered trademarks of CBS/Paramount Pictures. The use of anything related to "Star Trek" is not intended to infringe upon the rights of CBS/Paramount Pictures."

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